My Play, "The Mikado"

Here are pictures of my play,
The Mikado:

Mom, I found a flower!

This is a picture of me helping take the wallpaper down from the front hall. I told mom I found a flower under the paint and she said, "I know Cassi, this was flower wallpaper with red paint over it!" I did not know we had flower wallpaper with red paint painted over it, I always thought it was just red paint!


Me sitting on Santa's lap at Grandma & Grandpa's house.

I got more Littlest Pet Shops for Christmas, I got more stuff too but I don't have any pictures of me with them. I hope everyone had a good Christmas.

Pizza Frisbee


"This was a pizza from a box and Mom decided to make it and cut it up into pieces for my lunches. I was doing a quiz on one of my AR Books and Mom forgot about the pizza, we found it burnt. Then we saw that Dad ate 2 of the Pepperonis....gross! It sat out for about 4 days in the sun and then Justin and I decided to play Frisbee with it (that was mom's idea, really it was)."

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I love to make Pizza!

My pizza is on the left and Justin's is on the right. I love to make pizza because I can put a little sauce, not too much cheese, and lot's of pepperonis....just the way I like it.
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